Mike Cerro "building a better madison for today and for the future"


The day after...

Thank you for all of your help these past few months, for your confidence in me, and your vote.

Our campaign was the only truly Independent and grass-roots campaign.  

I think overall against a stacked deck, against the entrenched political machine... we did great!

FIRST & Foremost - The essentials








about mike cerro

  • 40 Year Resident of Madison's District 3.

  • Madison native with 20 Years of Volunteer Service.

  • Proud Parent of 3 Public School Children in Madison.

  • UW Madison Graduate in Mechanical Engineering.

  • Community Volunteer & Former Neighborhood Association Board Member.

  • Proponent of Equitable Opportunities for a Diverse Madison Population.

  • Supporter of High Quality Public Transportation & Expanded Biking Routes.

  • Highly Effective Leader, Manager & Engineer.

  • Advocate for Employee Rights, Labor Rights & Fair Living Wages.

  • Proponent of Innovative Transit & Smart Planning for Our Future Growth.

  • Environmentally Conscious - Intelligent Solutions for a Changing Climate.

how to conact me


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my platform in more detail




Madison residents deserve to live in a community that is safe from crime.  With safe roads for pedestrians, bicycles and vehicle traffic.   

We need to support the continued expansion of bike paths, bike routes and bicycle friendly commuting, along with the burgeoning hybrid and electric vehicles.

We deserve to have well maintained roads, traffic and crosswalk striping, smart traffic controls, and intersection monitoring.  Smart planning and growth for the future needs of our expanding community.


We need to support the needs of our schools by providing safe streets, and a safe environment for our children to be able to focus on school in order for them to become valuable future citizens.

We deserve and need to foster top notch emergency services that have the best in class training and equipment.  

I support emergency services that are well staffed to accommodate the burgeoning and changing needs of the Madison community, and that reflect the needs of the growing population and students.



 Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin system, the seat of State government and is the heart and hub of activities for the surrounding communities.   

The Madison taxpayer provides for everyone a high quality public transportation system, great streets, plentiful parking, clean water and parks, sanitation, police, fire, public safety and emergency personnel to name a few.   

The costs for these amenities and services should be shared more among those in the outlying communities that utilize month over month these provided services, by shifting some of the costs off of Madison taxpayers. 

By creating credits and systems for a more appropriate means for cost sharing among the outlying area communities we can lower the burden to the taxpayer.

Further, we need to keep creative incentives for businesses and startup ventures to stay in Madison rather than fleeing for the outlying communities.  

Madison is an incubator of new ideas and new companies, high quality jobs provide for a thriving quality of life. 



Madison has a huge park system, with thousands of acres and many opportunities to explore.   I support the Madison Parks Vision and Mission and I believe in having and maintaining exceptional green spaces within the city.

We need to keep every acre of urban park, green space and grasslands now offered, and I support all of the intercity golf courses.  I specifically support keeping the nearly 100 year old Monona Golf course open and well funded.  

All municipal park lands need to be kept and well maintained for the public use, and not sold off for development for private or corporate enrichment.

These park lands are valuable to all, and in keeping with the visionaries and generosity of those such as Brittingham, Goodman, Olbrich, Vilas, and Breese Stevens we need to continue that spirit.  

I support adding and improving the amenities and the opportunities at the parks, for enrichment and play in the outdoors year round, benefiting us all. 

personal background for MIKE


Madison native...

  • Born and raised in Madison, I have lived on the far east side within our District 3 for 40 years.

  • I'm a homeowner, and a father of three elementary school children. 

  • I am vested in this district, and I will work vigorously for your needs and that of our community.

  • I went to Madison public schools, and I feel that a public education and the support of our public schools and our teachers is a very high priority.  

  • I graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and I'm a proud supporter of the Wisconsin Badgers.

  • I'm raising my children here in Madison and seeing them attend the very same public schools that I did as a child and receiving a great experience.

  • I've been very fortunate to be able to meet and learn from people of different communities, and cultures from around the world.

  • Madison offers opportunities for everyone, and we can make Madison even better by helping everyone succeed.  

  • We can move Madison forward now, and for the future generations.



  • For the past two decades I have volunteered for a local youth hockey association, the Covered Bridge subdivision, and the McClellan Park Neighborhood Association (now the North Star Neighborhood Association). 

  • I've been a youth soccer coach, and supported the Literacy Network in Dane County.

  • I'm working with MMSD and the PTA toward gaining funding and support for planting trees at Kennedy Elementary with the school children in honor of Arbor Day.

  • I've attended Madison Metropolitan School Board meetings, provided guidance to the board, and attended community meetings with Madison Police Department & MMSD as a concerned and engaged parent regarding the recent school shootings.

  • Presently I volunteer during the winter with the Adopt Ice Partnership Volunteers program through the Parks Division.

  • I enjoy giving my time and efforts toward the betterment of the community.


Elect Mike Cerro for Alder...

  • I live with a motto of helping to provide for a clean, safe and high quality future for our children.

  • Madison has been my home for over 40 years.

  • As an Engineer and Project Manager I create solutions and implement them, and I will do the same for our district and Madison.

  • I would be privileged to serve as your Madison Alder for District 3.


VOTE : April 2, 2019 General Election Day

League of Women Voters "Know Your Candidates"

Here is a link to my interview on March 8th, it is less than 15 minutes long and it highlights several issues and why I am the candidate best suited to represent District 3 on the Common Council. Please copy this URL into your browser, or click on the link to view the interview on the Madison City Channel: https://bit.ly/2u3Pjls

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League of Women Voters "Know Your Candidates"

Here is a link to my interview on March 8th, it is less than 15 minutes long and it highlights several issues and why I am the candidate best suited to represent District 3 on the Common Council. Please copy this URL into your browser, or click on the link to view the interview on the Madison City Channel: https://bit.ly/2u3Pjls