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Dear Resident of D3-Your Endorsement Is The Only One I Seek

Important Endorsement Information >>>

Dear Resident of District 3,


I value your vote, and as such, I am the only candidate for Alder of District 3 that is not seeking out any politically motivated endorsements. 

I am the only candidate for Alder of District 3 that has not taken money from ANY organized political entities, or persons living outside of Wisconsin.  

In fact, I am 100% fully self-funded.  

Why does that matter?  Well, I do not owe any political group, or national organized party any special considerations.  We need to have local officials that represent us and not politicians who have an allegiance with any national politically  motivated agendas, or Alders that owe their positions to groups or people that live outside of our district. 

Please vote on Tuesday April 2nd for a candidate that  represents you, and only you.

Vote for Mike Cerro to represent District 3 residents.   Thank you! 


I appreciate your vote for Madison Alderperson of District 3.

Thank you!  - Mike